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  2. Before you begin...
    Thank you for helping us with our research. If you are familiar with Jungian psychology, cognitive science or models of development, we ask you to set aside any ideas you may have.

    This is a serious questionnaire to help you discover what cognitive processes you use well, as opposed to surface behavior or what you value. Some cognitive processes may be outside your awareness or experience, so just understanding the various phrases is part the assessment. Some phrases may take time to reflect.

    What You'll Get: Based on your responses, you will get a cognitive development profile along with a best-match personality code.

    chinese version 荣格心理类型认知功能测试


    Please read carefully each of the 48 phrases below. For each phrase:
    * Indicate how often you do skillfully what the phrase describes.
    * Use dictionary definitions and go with the overall meaning most comfortable to you.
    * If you don't understand a phrase then mark it as "not me."

    本次测试共 48 题

    • 1. Spur action and pull off results simply by making your presence felt.
    • 2. Be guided by a definition, logical deduction, or other nugget of reasoning.
    • 3. Conceive of a comprehensive plan to maximize progress toward multiple goals at once
    • 4. Recognize and usually adhere to shared values, feelings, and social norms to get along.
    • 5. Easily get in sync physically with people and things around you.
    • 6. Achieve a metamorphosis, definitive insight, or powerful vision of change.
    • 7. Follow a straight line of reasoning
    • 8. Merge and feel intimate oneness with other people.
    • 9. Compare an experience against a storehouse of familiar experiences to find what's reliable
    • 10. Construct an argument to convince someone using evidence clearly in front of you both.
    • 11. Enjoy the thrill of action and physical experience in the present moment.
    • 12. Help make people feel comfortable by engaging in hosting and care-taking
    • 13. Apply leverage to a situation to solve a problem impersonally using minimal effort.
    • 14. Point out discrepancies between how things are and the way they have always been.
    • 15. Instantly read visible cues to see just how far you can go.
    • 16. Keep following tangents and new ideas without limiting yourself to one.
    • 17. Evaluate what is worth believing in and most important to who you really are inside.
    • 18. Offer various unrelated ideas and see what potential they might suggest.
    • 19. Readily communicate personally to all members of a group to feel unity.
    • 20. Notice whether the details in front of you match what you are accustomed to
    • 21. Quickly move to take advantage of immediate options for action.
    • 22. Feel inclined to be responsible for, and take care of, others' feelings.
    • 23. Analyze and critique what doesn't fit with a well-defined principle.
    • 24. Stick to making decisions based on impersonal measures such as points earned.
    • 25. Enjoy playing with random interconnections and patterns.
    • 26. Experience a premonition or foresee the distant future.
    • 27. Concisely reference multiple frameworks at once while problem solving.
    • 28. Compassionately take on someone else's needs as your own.
    • 29. Lay out methods for others to complete tasks in time- and resource-efficient ways.
    • 30. Gain a profound realization from a mystical state or sudden release of emotions.
    • 31. Remain in touch with what you want for yourself, what motivates you, and what is good.
    • 32. Take apart something to figure out the principles on which it works.
    • 33. Weave into the current dynamics of a situation aspects of other, random contexts.
    • 34. Determine success by measurement or other objective method such as the time taken.
    • 35. Fine-tune a definition or concept to support a theory, perspective or framework.
    • 36. Follow steps to ensure tasks are predictable and completed correctly.
    • 37. Push your mental limits to complete an array of innovative achievements.
    • 38. Fulfill the same regular work or activity everyday at a comfortable pace.
    • 39. Freely enjoy doing what you want for your own personal happiness.
    • 40. Feel strongly that something is good or bad.
    • 41. Engage life's magical moments and meaningful coincidences as they happen.
    • 42. Always remain true to what you want for yourself or others.
    • 43. Review a lot of information over time to confirm what is customary or standard.
    • 44. Feel attracted to the symbolic, archetypal, or mysterious.
    • 45. Continually examine if choices harmonize with important beliefs.
    • 46. Freely follow your gut instincts and exciting physical impulses as they come up.
    • 47. Transform yourself by focusing inward on a specific way you foresee you will need to be.
    • 48. Trust what emerges from brainstorming.


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